Available Rebates

$1000 – For adding at least R23 to 100% of crawl space wall (1) (2) (3) (9)
$500 – For adding at least R10 to 100% of crawl space wall (1) (2) (3) (9)
$1000 – For adding at least R32 to 100% of floor above crawl space (2) (3) (9)


  • The 20% minimum requirement will be lowered to a 5% minimum requirement if the customer aims to complete 100% of their basement, and they will receive an additional $500 bonus for foundation wall insulation if 100% is achieved. For example, if foundation insulation is 90% at Pre-retrofit evaluation, customer can add 10% to achieve 100% and be eligible for the $500 bonus.
  • Minimum R8 required for existing insulation. For example, if the foundation has 90% insulation of R8 or more, customer can insulate the available 10% by adding at least R12 and be eligible for the $500 bonus. If existing insulation is less than R8, customer must add at least R12 to entire foundation be eligible for the bonus rebate.
  • Foundation exterior walls include pony walls, basement walls, and crawlspace exterior walls – but not floor above crawlspace.

(1) This rebate is pro-rated based on the percentage of wall area insulated and does not include walls between individual units. For a semi-detached, rebates are 75% of the amounts shown, row houses are 50%.

(2) When both a basement and crawl space are present, all applicable grants are pro-rated to a maximum based on the total wall area.

(3) Can qualify for either crawl space wall or floor above crawl space rebate, but not both.

(9) Must upgrade at least 20% to be eligible.

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