Union Gas and Enbridge Home Reno Rebate Program

The rebate program from Union Gas and Enbridge can help you obtain rebates totalling up to $5,000 that can be used towards purchasing an energy efficient furnace, water heater, doors, windows and insulation upgrades.

Who can participate:

Anyone who owns a detached, semi-detached, row home or mobile home on a permanent foundation in an area that Union Gas or Enbridge services that is heated only with natural gas can participate in the program.

A Registered Energy Advisor must perform an energy assessment on your home before and after your renovations. The advisor will inform you what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home. In order to receive incentives, at least two eligible energy upgrades must be implemented.

What you can get:

Through the Union Gas and Enbridge Home Reno Rebate, you can receive rebates up to $5,000 to help pay for home improvements including water heaters, furnaces, boilers, air sealing, windows and new insulation. This includes $600 that will go towards the assessments an energy advisor completes at your home. You can get an additional rebate of $250 for each extra improvement to your home after you have completed at least two.

How to Get Started:

Call Energy Werx today before starting your renovations to see if you qualify. Union Gas and Enbridge delivers this program to homeowners in their area who use natural gas as their sole fuel source.

Union Gas and Enbridge Rebate Amounts

  • Attic Insulation up to $500
  • Basement Wall Insulation up to $1,000
  • Crawl Space Insulation up to $800
  • Main Wall Insulation up to $1,500
  • Air Sealing up to $150
  • Boiler $750
  • Furnace $750
  • Water Heater $200
  • Windows, Doors and Skylights $40 each
  • If eligible, you could receive up to $600 that will help with the cost of assessments, both before and after renovations.
  • If your home uses only natural gas as it’s fuel source you could also receive between $500 to $5,800 for eligible air source heat pumps.
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Planning renovations or upgrades to your home in the near future?

With the Home Reno Rebate from Union Gas and Enbridge you could be eligible for up to $5,000 in renovation rebates. Find out how you qualify.

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