Energy Audits Waterloo

In 2017, the Ontario Government announced that Waterloo homeowners could qualify for rebates to make their homes more energy efficient and save money on their gas and electric bills.

If you own a detached, semi-detached, row or mobile home, you may qualify for thousands of dollars worth of rebates to make your home more energy efficient through a number of provincial programs.

To access Ontario Energy Rebates, homeowners are partnered with one of Energy Werks Ontario Certified energy advisors. Once a home energy audit is completed, through air leak testing, door blower tests and more, you are advised on what rebates you qualify for and which renovations will reduce your energy consumption. After the work is completed a follow up evaluations is done to show the improvement in energy efficiency.

2019 Ontario Energy Rebates are available for the following:

  • Insulation upgrades
  • Air sealing improvements
  • Window, door and skylight replacements
  • Furnace / boiler replacement
  • … and much more!

Union Gas and Enbridge, IESO and the Green Ontario Fund are offering the rebate programs to Waterloo residents, making it easier and more affordable for homeowners to make environmentally-friendly choices their home improvements.


Waterloo is a city in Ontario, Canada. It is the smallest of three cities in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, and is adjacent to the city of Kitchener. Kitchener and Waterloo are often jointly referred to as “Kitchener–Waterloo”, “KW”, or the “Twin Cities”.