How long does it take to receive my rebate cheque?2018-05-22T09:56:29-04:00

The rebate cheques are typically received 90-120 days after the post retrofit evaluation.

When can I expect to receive the formal evaluation report after the first visit?2018-05-22T12:51:15-04:00

After the first evaluation, each homeowner will receive a formal energy upgrade report within 2 weeks via email.

What is the rebate for a new furnace?2018-12-13T11:25:59-05:00

The rebate for a furnace is altogether $750 For replacing a 94% or less AFUE natural gas, furnace with a 95% or higher condensing natural gas furnace.
For replacing a 89% or less AFUE natural gas boiler with a 90% or higher condensing natural gas boiler. The combi system qualifies as a boiler and is eligible for the furnace/boiler rebate.

What happens if my furnace suddenly breaks down and needs to be replaced immediately, prior to an evaluation? Will I still qualify for the rebate?2019-04-29T09:11:41-04:00

If a furnace breaks down during the winter season (October to March) and must be replaced prior to your pre-retrofit evaluation, Union Gas will make an exception to perform the evaluation after its installment. Considering heating as a life necessity, an emergency heat replacement falls under the “No Heat Protocol”.

If this happens, the customer must take a photo of the old furnace and the rating plate which contains the serial number and model number and provide it to the advisor.

The customer must also keep receipts for the new furnace for documentation.

This furnace replacement would count as one of the eligible measures to qualify for rebates. For a full list of eligible measures, download our flyer.

How do the bonus rebates work?2019-07-26T11:19:04-04:00

Every customer must complete two eligible measures to qualify for the rebates. For each extra upgrade or measure completed, there is a bonus rebate of $250 in addition to the rebate already provided for that upgrade. For a full list of eligible measures, please download our flyer.

For more information on bonus rebate eligibility, see FAQ:
What am I eligible to receive in bonus rebates?

What am I eligible to receive in bonus rebates?2018-05-10T10:53:06-04:00

If you complete more than two energy upgrades, you may also qualify for a bonus rebate for each additional upgrade. Some restrictions and limits apply. Contact us for full details.

  • For completing 3 eligible energy upgrades: $250
  • For completing 4 eligible energy upgrades: $500
  • For completing 5 eligible energy upgrades: $750
  • For completing 6 eligible energy upgrades: $1000
If a contractor has already come into my home and recommended upgrades, do I still have to have an energy evaluation done?2018-05-22T12:53:55-04:00

Yes, even if a contractor informs you of upgrades that could be done, we still have to perform two energy evaluations; one before the physical upgrades are completed, and one after. This allows us to officially activate the rebate program so that your home may be entered into the Home Reno Rebate program. Otherwise, customers will not qualify/be eligible for rebates.

Both the pre-retrofit evaluation and the post-retrofit evaluation must be completed by a registered energy advisor. Contractors do not have the certification to administer rebates.

Does it matter which contractor does the upgrades? Do they have to be certified?2018-04-17T10:23:21-04:00

It does not matter who performs the efficiency upgrades; they could be completed by a large corporation, an independent contractor, or the homeowner themselves.

Furnace installations are the only exception, which must be done by a certified contractor.

Does changing an electric water heater qualify for a rebate?2018-12-19T09:48:05-05:00

There are no rebates available when converting from electric to gas. The only eligible fuel source currently is natural gas.

Can I include my efficiency upgrades in my tax files for tax deductions?2018-04-17T10:22:38-04:00

Efficiency upgrades may be eligible for tax deductions, however, you should speak with an accountant to determine if this is the case for you. Deductions are normally allowed for income properties or when you use your home for work purposes.

Who are the rebates paid by?2018-12-19T09:49:36-05:00

Rebates are paid by the Union Gas Home Reno Rebate Program

What would I need to qualify for rebates through the Green Ontario program?2018-06-20T09:41:22-04:00

As of June 19, 2018, the Green Ontario Fund has been closed. For more information, visit www.greenon.ca

What exactly will the energy advisor do in the first evaluation?2018-05-22T12:35:23-04:00

The energy advisor intends to create a plan for you to improve the overall efficiency of your home and provide you with recommendations as to how this may be done.

The energy advisor will take photos and measurements of the home areas eligible for upgrades (such as windows, doors, the furnace).

A pressure test will be done to determine the amount of air leakage in the home.

This information enables the advisor to file a formal report to be submitted to Union Gas. Recommendations for possible energy upgrades will be provided to the homeowner.

For further information, read our latest publication, What Is Involved in the Energy Evaluation?

What do I need to provide for each evaluation?2018-05-22T12:42:32-04:00

In order to qualify for energy rebates, each homeowner is required to provide copies of all receipts for the upgrades. The advisor will take photos of all that is necessary for the report.

In the event of an emergency furnace replacement, where the furnace is replaced prior to a pre-retrofit evaluation, we ask that the homeowner take photos of the model number and serial number found on the rating plate of the furnace.

How long do I have to wait before the second evaluation is completed?2018-05-10T12:08:45-04:00

Each homeowner is given a 120-day window to complete the upgrades of his/her choosing and have the follow-up evaluation completed.

Is there a waiting period if I want to re-enter my home into the Home Reno Rebate Program?2018-05-22T10:46:06-04:00

Yes. If the house has received a rebate through the Home Reno Rebate Program, you must wait 12 months from the rebate submission to perform a new pre-retrofit evaluation.

Which regions does Energy Werx cover?2019-12-18T18:10:33-05:00

Energy Werx serves most of the area covered by Union Gas and Enbridge customers, you must be a customer of Union Gas or Enbridge to qualify.  Please call 519.771.2451 or contact us if you’re unsure if your house qualifies.

Can Energy Werx provide me with contractors for the upgrades I wish to complete?2018-05-22T11:02:15-04:00

Energy Werx will gladly provide customized solutions for simple to complex energy consumption and comfort challenges. We do not sell any products or provide any other auxiliary services, which allows us to be independent, unbiased, and impartial.

Is there a cost for each evaluation?2018-05-22T12:37:25-04:00

Yes, there is a service fee that we charge each homeowner for energy evaluations. The first evaluation is $390+HST while the second evaluation is $210+HST. Our fees (except the HST) are refunded to approximately 90 days of the second evaluation, included with the rebate cheque, for customers completing at least two eligible upgrades.

What forms of payment does Energy Werx accept for their evaluations?2018-05-22T12:39:26-04:00

Energy Werx conveniently accepts all forms of payment other than cheques. We are able to accommodate electronic transfers as well as payment through a secure point of sale device in order to maximize the convenience and security of our customers.

How much rebate money am I eligible to receive?2018-05-22T11:08:47-04:00

Customers are eligible for over $5000 in rebates.

Why should I bother making energy upgrades in my home? What are the long-term benefits?2018-04-17T10:15:05-04:00

Lower energy bills – High-efficiency systems utilize much less energy, which contributes to long-term energy savings in your home. You could be saving as much as 50% on your energy bill!

Rebates, of course! – By performing energy efficiency upgrades in your home, you may be eligible for government incentives!

Environmental Impact – When making energy efficiency upgrades, fewer fossil fuels will be burned. You will be utilizing less energy and therefore are helping to diminish greenhouse gas emissions which is also great for your wallet!

Will I receive a rebate for each window and door that is upgraded?2018-12-19T09:51:50-05:00

Yes, there is an $40 rebate for each window and each door. However, windows and doors are within the same rebate category, and thus, together they qualify as only one of the two necessary measures.

How do I qualify for energy rebates?2019-12-18T16:26:52-05:00

Each home must meet the following criteria in order to qualify:

  • Are an active Union Gas or Enbridge customer and use gas as your primary source of heat
  • Detached, semi-detached, row house, or mobile home on a permanent foundation;
  • Perform an energy evaluation before and after your renovations;
  • Complete at least two eligible energy upgrades
  • Have a follow-up evaluation performed within 120 days of the first evaluation (extensions may be possible if you run into delays – we will work with Union Gas and Enbridge if the need arises);
  • Copies of all receipts for energy upgrades are provided to the energy advisor.
I am in the process of building a new house. Would it qualify for rebates?2018-05-10T11:41:58-04:00

Unfortunately new home construction does not qualify for rebates.

I replaced some windows and added insulation before I had an evaluation. Will I still qualify for rebates?2018-05-22T11:54:28-04:00

No. You must have an energy evaluation before any work is completed to be eligible for rebates.

Any work you have left to complete will still be eligible; however, any work completed already will not be eligible. The only exception to this is an emergency heating system replacement in the winter, as a heating system is considered a necessity of life.

Do I have to claim the rebate as income on my income tax return?2018-05-10T11:53:02-04:00

For properties owned by individuals, you do not have to claim the rebate on your income tax return.

For corporate owned properties, you should consult with your accountant to determine if you have to declare the rebate as income.

How is the rebate paid?2018-05-10T11:53:50-04:00

The rebate is returned to you in the form of a cheque.

Is there a waiting period if I wish to have a different property evaluated?2018-05-22T12:52:34-04:00

No, there is not a waiting period to have different properties evaluated.

Can I participate in the program with multiple houses?2018-05-22T10:48:28-04:00

Yes, you can participate in the program for multiple properties.

All houses must fit into the same qualification criteria.

For more information on qualification criteria, please see our FAQ:
How do I qualify for energy rebates?

I’ve run into challenges meeting the 120 day window. What do I do?2018-05-22T10:44:42-04:00

As soon as you have encountered delays, contact Energy Werx to inquire about an extension.

What do I need to provide for the energy evaluation?2018-05-10T12:11:30-04:00

During the evaluation, we require access to the basement/crawl space, main floor, bathrooms, heating and cooling equipment, water heater and attic.

Planning renovations or upgrades to your home in the near future?

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